Conference Booking Terms & Conditions


Provisional bookings made by telephone should be confirmed in writing or by email.   Provisional bookings will only be held for a period of 30 days from the date of booking.  . For Day Conferences AVVC Limited does not charge a deposit, but if there is a cancellation for any reason, our charges are as stated below.

If you require food or drink it needs to be ordered through us. We do not allow clients to bring their own food or drink on to the premises, nor to be eaten in the Centre Grounds.

CANCELLATIONS (Day Conferences)

The following scale of charges applies if a conference is cancelled, or if the number of delegates decreases by more than 20% of the original booking, and notification is received less than 6 month prior to the commencement of the conference

6 months No Charge
4-5 months 25% of the daily charge
2-3 months 50% of the daily charge
1 month 75% of the daily charge
2 weeks 90% of the daily charge
< 2 weeks 100% of the daily charge

Settlement of Accounts

All accounts, except in the case of exempt organizations (proof of exception required), will be subject to Value Added Tax at the prevailing rate

Payment terms are 28 days net after the date of invoice.  Overdue accounts may be charged interest at the rate of 2% per month on the outstanding balance.

Insurance and Indemnities

AVVC’s insurance covers public liability claims where the company or its employees acting in the course of their duties are  held to be liable.  Conference organisers are advised to obtain insurance cover in respect of any claims for which they might be held responsible, including loss or damage or property brought to the premises by or on behalf of any persons.  The organization making the booking shall indemnify the company against any damage or injury to Visitor Centre property or Visitor Centre staff, caused by those attending the conference.

Force Majeure

AVVC Limited accepts bookings on the understanding that if it cannot meet its obligations because of circumstances beyond its control it  will not be held liable for loss suffered either by the body making the booking or any other third party.